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Elbow pads

Goalkeeper elbow pads

These are the actual protections for the most delicate parts of a goalkeeper's body, the joints. The padding sometimes incorporated into the kit shirt's elbows sometimes just aren't enough. Highly recommended for children, since at first they don't know the right way to take a fall and their joints suffer.

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12'95 €
Sizes : XS, L
Elbow pads  Reusch Active 2014 Black-Gray
16'95 €
Sizes : M, L
Elbow pads  Soloporteros Mussa Black
14'95 €
Sizes : S, L
15'95 €
Sizes : L
24'95 €
Sizes : S, M
12'95 €
Sizes : XS, L
19'95 €
Sizes : S, M, L
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