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The store founded by Javier Sánchez Broto, ex-goalkeeper for the Real Zaragoza, Málaga, Getafe, Villarreal and Celtic F.C.
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Goalkeeper gloves
Brand: Sells


Sells gloves
Soloporteros restores the #1 brand in the UK to its catalogue after several years' absence. During this period we've observed a huge evolution in the brand, which maintains its classic colours and sober aesthetics, but introduces important novelties in cut combinations, thermal technology and latex that mark the difference in humid climates.
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Glove  Sells Elite Competition White-Black
99'95 €
Recommended retail price (RRP): 110 €
Sizes : 9, 9'5, 10, 10'5, 11
Glove  Sells Wrap Elite Competition Black-White
89'95 €
Recommended retail price (RRP): 100 €
Sizes : 8'5, 9, 9'5, 10, 10'5, 11
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