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Training Overalls

The overalls are composed by an upper part that imitates a tracksuit jacket with padding on the elbows, and a bottom part that imitates a pair of sweatpants with padding on the support points - knees and hips. All this in one single piece of clothing. There are several types: Capri-style overalls, long-sleeved overalls and short-sleeved overalls.Usefulness of training overalls:1- Large degree of comfort, as it keeps the shirt and trousers from popping out, as well as being a very light article of clothing.2- Adds protection to vital areas such as elbows, knees, hips and bum.3- Can be used both in summer and in winter.
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59'95 €
From 41'97 € if you purchase several units
Sizes : T12, T14, S, M, L, XL, XXL
59'95 €
From 41'97 € if you purchase several units
Sizes : T14, S, M
Overall  Soloporteros Pantera Capri Black-Orange-White
59'95 €
Sizes : XXL
Overall  Soloporteros Valor Black-Fuchsia
59'95 €
Sizes : T8, T12, M
Overall  Soloporteros Andreas
34'97 €
69'95 €
Sizes : S
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