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Every information we ask for in the shopping proccess will be exclusively used for the preparation and shipment of the bought products. In the form we ask for the identification or the user as a new member of the Soloporteros community, or as an existing buyer, to make easier future commercial transactions and to offer you your historical information about orders. These data pass to form part of our Orders file.

This file is property of Porteromania S.L.. You can contact this company at any moment to ask for a modification, deletion or any other information. Its aim is to manage the shipment of the bought products and give the user information on previous boughts.

Soloporteros newsletter

Only the people which expressly accept receiving the newsletter will receive mailing with information related to the company and its products. Every content of this mailing is thought for the development and interest of our goalkeepers and players.

Every personal information you give us, will become part of Porteromania S.L.'s database. It will be strictly confidentially dealt according to Soloporteros' philosofy.
Any person which has given us information will be able to ask for the comprobation, modification and deletion of saved data. It can be done through e-mail or fax, and also writing to the Customer Care department:

Soloporteros - Customer Care Department - Plataforma Logística de Zaragoza - C/ Castillo de Capua, nave 6, 50.197 Zaragoza (ESPAÑA) - Tel: 902 107 560 - Fax: 876 768 380 - E-mail:

You are our guest and we really care of you. We want to see you happy...If you want more information, just contact us. We want to speak with you!


In most websites, cookies are used to achieve an easier navegation to the user. At Soloporteros, we also use them.

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file saved in your computer the first time you visit a website. In every computer there is a folder which contains every cookie generated. It is impossible to transmit a computer virus through a cookie.

What is it for? It is used to show you the information you are interested in, as we keep some of your information in that file.

What information is saved in Soloporteros' cookies? Just an user identificator which allow us to link your visit to your account.

What do we do with that information? We show you the information in your account: orders, data, addresses, products...